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Vehicle wraps have become one of the ultimate corporate advertising tools. Vehicle wraps allow us to take your company’s vehicle and digitally print any design layout and transform your vehicle. Wraps can create a unified fleet of vehicles which can be prominently seen on the road and at job sites. Any design you can think of can be created by us. There are no limits when it comes to vehicle wraps.


Wraps are also not limited to just corporate vehicles, but with new wrap materials by 3M, we are able to change the colour of your current vehicle to something fresh and new. Click here to check out the solid colours offered by 3M that can change the look of your vehicle to something new.


We can wrap just about anything, not just vehicles as well. We have done many snowmobiles, ATVs, off road buggies, and boats. Just about anything can be done thanks to the advancements that have taken place within vinyl wrap technology and the materials.


Whatever the vehicle is, the process is always the same. Vinyl is applied to the sections of the vehicle that are being covered (in many cases that is the entire vehicle! Although we do offer half and ¾ wraps as well). The advancements in vinyl material allow the material to bend and shape to any contour, including mirrors, door handles, and drastic body curves.


At knightworks we do all in house design, printing, and installation. We have been doing vehicle wraps since the technology came out, and our vehicle wrap installer is certified by 3M for vehicle wraps.

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