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At Knightworks we offer a wide array of commercial signs to suit your needs. From cast and routed letters, billboards, illuminated signs, to sandblasted signs, whatever it is you’re looking for we can accomplish.

We are able to offer signs in any size and out of any material, and the majority of our signs are now digitally printed and laminated for long exterior use. Listed below are some of the more specific options we offer for commercial sign use; if there’s something you would like done but don’t see it listed don’t hesitate to ask, we most likely can accomplish it for you.

We offer a full range of illuminated letters, metal letters, plastic letters, display letters, metal plaques, and sign components. Browse our supplier’s website to see the full range of products we can offer and install for you:

All of our billboards are made using ½” crezone (a weatherproof plywood), and are printed, assembled, and installed by us (unless of course you would like to install your own sign). All of our billboards are digitally printed and laminated for exterior and interior use. We offer billboards in any size; as large or small as you would like.

We offer illuminated sign boxes in any size using wither an acrylic face or a fabric material called flexface. Illuminated signs are made using either translucent vinyl or can be made using clear digital print (offering full range of colours and blends). We can either re-use your current sign box, or fabricate one for you if you would like a new one or do not own one. We can remove your old sign box and install your new one as well.

Our magnetic signs are perfect for quick install and removal on vehicles and other metal surfaces. This option allows you to advertise your company while on the job site and remove it when finished. This option is also ideal for moving the magnetic from one vehicle to another. We offer magnetic signs in 24” x any length and are full digital print.

Metal signs are perfect for parking lots, parks, store fronts, etc. Our metal signs are made from 16 gauge aluminum and are available with or without mounting holes. Custom sizing is available, however the most common sizes for metal signs are 9”x12” or 12’x18”. We can also supply steel poles for mounting, which is ideal for parking lots or parks.

Sandblasted signs are made from 2” red cedar and can be either single or double sided. All of our sandblasted signs are custom designed to your requests and are finished using either lettering paint enamel (highly weather resistant and provide very long life), vinyl (either solid colours or digitally printed are available), or clear stain (leaving the natural cedar colour). Of course combinations of the three finishes are often combined to create a very unique and impressive sign when finished.